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45 Seconds of Zen

When you have only 45 seconds to get your Zen on, can you do it? Today, I was trying in vain to go through a guided meditation.  It started out so innocently as just wanting a few moments to re-center and focus.  The babbling brook fountain was actively creating the right environment, so I surveyed […]


Squirrel Zen

So my teenage son just asked what I was doing, and without thinking I told him I was writing an article about Squirrel Zen. I wish I had a camera to capture the look that darted across his face. On to the story… I was watching a young squirrel play in the background and I […]


I’m Not Dead Yet

THEN… When it all started to go wrong is the day I decided that I did not look beautiful anymore. Never mind the fact that I had given birth to four wonderful children, two of them being a set of twins. Never mind the fact that I was still in my prime. Never mind the […]

Mama, may I, pretty please?!?!?!

Can I versus May I? As a family we have revisited this lesson many times, and today I just thought that I would share it here as well.  In business, and in life, it is always better to be clear about what you need.   CAN I / CAN YOU – Yes it is a valid […]