For the Win

Today’s kata was in python. The question was a classic computer science ask.  Identify an anagram.  As a reminder an anagram is simply rearranging the letters to form a new word.  The only rule, you can’t add or subtract a charcter. My solution beat out 99.3% of the previous solutions in execution time.  The bell […]

Not a Typed Language

Recently I have gone down the rabbit hole into the land of Python.  While I am dizzy with all the pythonic wiz bangs flying by I am left with a puzzle.  As I studied the language, it was made abundantly clear that Python is a strong, dynamically typed language.  In other words, Python will determine […]

The Imposter in All of Us

What I focus on gets 100% of my attention and care.  That seems to be such a wonderful quality, until I try to add all the pieces together.  While there are many pages in my book, they are all of different stories, different interests, so diverse that you would think my book was of many […]

5 Ways to Grab Joy Today

  Daily Kata What do you choose to practice everyday? Success is created one small practice at time. I find to engage my joy fully I need to be showing up in a daily way. I thought I would take a moment to write about the five things I do every day to consciously orchestrate […]

45 Seconds of Zen

When you have only 45 seconds to get your Zen on, can you do it? Today, I was trying in vain to go through a guided meditation.  It started out so innocently as just wanting a few moments to re-center and focus.  The babbling brook fountain was actively creating the right environment, so I surveyed […]

Squirrel Zen

So my teenage son just asked what I was doing, and without thinking I told him I was writing an article about Squirrel Zen. I wish I had a camera to capture the look that darted across his face. On to the story… I was watching a young squirrel play in the background and I […]