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Recently I was reading a new post on Hazel M. Walker’s blog, Three Things Men Do Better Than Women When Networking, and it sparked some thoughts.

When it comes to connecting during a business networking event there are two types of connectors, the relater and the director.

The relater is not looking to define a business deal right there, as a matter of fact, the relater may not even talk business.  To the relater business networking is all about making things happen at a later date, it is all about developing the long-term relationship.

The director is all about getting to the bottom line and a business networking event is to identify what opportunities are on the table.  The referral relationship is created when the connection seems viable from the very start.  The director knows that a long term relationship is important, however that relationship develops over several deals, not several chance meetings.

Three things to know about meeting a relater at a business networking event:

1.  They will quite possibly talk your ear off,

2.  They may avoid the topic of their own business unless pressed.

3.  They will make a special effort to find you at subsequent events.

Three things to know about meeting a director at a business networking event:

1.  They will directly ask how your business will benefit their business.

2.  They seem like they are in a hurry, even if the event just began.

3.  They will contact you outside the business networking to pursue a business relationship.

The relater and the directer have the same goal, to form a referral relationship.  The difference is in how they approach building the relationship.

How do you approach business networking events?  How do you approach connections you make at a business networking event?

Successful referral marketing begins with being able to adapt to a relater or a director.



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