Saying NO!

Saying no can be very easy when it is something you don’t want.  But what about those times when you really want something and you have to say no?

We have all experienced the dreaded DELAYED GRATIFICATION.

Today, I really paused when I had to give up something right now that I really want.  It isn’t a shiny new pair of shoes, or something I can even hold, but it cut really deeply when I had to say that two letter word.

In the end, I had to own the fact that I need to earn the right to step forward into what I want to do.  In the past if it was for business the expense was justified.  What I was really allowing was my personal spending habits creeping into my business habits.marsh-269x300  It was a lot like spending a tax return before it arrived in the mail.

In a study conducted at Stanford University in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s children at age four were offered a choice.  In front of them a researcher would place one marshmallow with the promise of two marshmallows when the researcher returned, if and only if the child did not eat the marshmallow.

It was found that 2 out of every 3 children could not wait the fifteen minutes,  Some would be only seconds away from getting the second marshmallow!

What happened?  It would seem that it would be easy to decide to wait and double their marshmallow ownership.

My marshmallow is all about reframing.  In this instance with money.  In the past I would spend my accounts receivable the way I would spend my upcoming tax return.  I really did not recognize this pattern until it was an expense large enough that there was no hiding it in “fluff”.

We all have lessons that we need to learn and the patterns of those lessons will continue to present in our lives until we finally take the time to grasp what we are to learn.

Today I checked one off my list and I am ready to move forward even stronger.  I will only spend what is already in the bank no matter how good the investment looks, one marshmallow is always better than none, but two is even better. 😉




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