The Elephant in the Room

Today was brimming with opportunity.  I woke up and the air was just buzzing with energy!  As I packed up for a mastermind event I made sure to have my water bottle, pen, notebook, a sweater (in case the room was cold), and of course 50 business cards.

On arrival, a very nice gentleman held open the door to where the event was being held, and asked me to pause so he could open the second door that led into he lobby.  He paused, looked me directly in the eyes and with a smile invited me to enjoy my day.  As I approached the front desk and asked where this event was being held the staff scrambled to help me.  You could tell that the front desk staff did not like to be caught in a position where they had to say they couldn’t help.  Alas, the event was not in one of their event rooms so I had to take a moment to make sure I was even in the right place.

Opening up Facebook, I checked the event venue, time, date, and re-confirmed that I had indeed reached my intended destination.  Hungry for the opportunity that I just knew was hiding in that hotel somewhere I sought the secret password hidden in the event invitation.  While no password reveled itself a phone number did.  I knew I brought a pad of paper for a reason!  I wrote down the phone number and contemplated if I should call.

Standing there, trying to look like I belonged, a very nice staff person walked up to me and offered me a bottle of water.  Knowing that I had one tucked into my bag did not stop my from saying, “Why yes, that would be wonderful,” with a smile.  He popped into a hidden room and returned with an ice cold bottled water and wished me a great day.

I knew that in order to make it a great day I needed to seize it.  I picked up my phone and dialed the phone number I wrote down, only to have the very person conducting the mastermind answer my call.  This shocked me, as I have held several events and the very last thing on my mind is answering my phone.  Of course I asked for the secret password and through a brief exchange I realized the secret password was just calling out and announcing my arrival.

Have you every had an event where everyone cancels, save one unexpected participant?  Some of the most amazing transformation happen at events like that.

What unfolded over the next three hours would take me three years to explain!!

Since I know you won’t be here for that long, let me just start by saying I have an elephant in my room and it has resided there for ten years.  I have talked about her, fed her, nurtured her, identified all the parts, this elephant and I are very familiar to each other.  The downside to the elephant is that no one else can see it.

Over the next three hours a woman that was in essence a stranger to me described that elephant to me, every detail!  She drew her on paper, gave her a heart, warmth, and acceptance.

No there is not really an elephant in the room, what has been residing with me is my dream, my vision, for where I want to be and how I want to help people.  I have held that vision for this past ten years, presenting it liked a wrapped gift to everyone that I have met along the way.  Some may have only been allowed to see a toe, others may have had the privilege of seeing the entire over arching picture, however no one has described the gift before the box is even opened!

That was, until today.  I have never experienced what it felt like to have someone hold that vision with me.  To see it, just as I do, to acknowledge it’s possibility.

It is a very vulnerable and raw place to be open like a book to a complete stranger, but at the same time it is the most exhilarating thing I have ever experienced.  There is now a person that has fully stepped into the place of being my guide into making that business “elephant” visible to the world.

As crazy as it sounds I was prepared to hide in a room of fifty to find I only needed one business card today to change my entire path.  In the end, the message I have for you:  Make It A Great Day.  Greatness only comes to those that are willing to meet it no matter what costume it happens to be wearing.  Most often it is in disguise as something that is just outside your comfort zone.  Seize it and you will never forget that moment, leave it and you will never forget that moment!!







2 Responses to “The Elephant in the Room”

  1. Ruth May 28, 2014 at 10:28 am #

    Wow Jen…what an INSPIRING story…it actually gave me “goosebumps.” You are a gifted writer and I so look forward to re-connecting…will call you now! I’m that inspired by your story!
    Ruth Klein

    • jen May 28, 2014 at 11:11 am #

      Thank you, Ruth! That means a lot coming from you. It is a journey that many take and I hope that the story brings hope to those that have held their dreams close to their chest that there is someone out there meant to hold space with them and make that dream happen.

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