45 Seconds of Zen

When you have only 45 seconds to get your Zen on, can you do it?

Today, I was trying in vain to go through a guided meditation.  It started out so innocently as just wanting a few moments to re-center and focus.  The babbling brook fountain was actively creating the right environment, so I surveyed the situation. the-noise

  • It has been quiet for the last hour.
  • The sun is shining.
  • I found just the right guided meditation.

Check, check, check, all is right in the world!

Mind you the guided meditation I found was for TEN WHOLE MINUTES!

I put on my headphones, and prepared myself for the peace that was to come.  Listening to that wonderful waterfall and golden silence (being a parent has taught me that silence is sometimes more valuable than gold, but platinum silence is just not a thing yet…I’m working on it.)

OK.  I got this!

Ready, set, pushing the play button now!

After the first interruption I was good.  Got right back to it.  Then there was the sounds of singing.  Singing?  These kiddos are in the middle of taking a test online…there is not supposed to be singing!!

Singing managed.

Eyes closed, recording playing, one breath in, and there were eyes staring at me.  I felt them boring a hole into my back.  I tried to ignore them.  I tried to say it was my mind playing tricks on me as I was trying to meditate, but alas I gave in.  Sure enough not two steps behind me was a little that needed something.

I was 45 seconds into my bliss when I realized that for now it was going to have to last, for now.

Today will be the start of my scientific adventure into finding the vibe that moms give off when they are trying to be alone.  You know the one, it is the same one that children mistake as a call to action.  The most common occurrence happens when a well meaning mom thinks that her time in the restroom should be alone time and the littles in her life suddenly have so many questions.

I’m quite positive that if I can counteract that “alone” vibe I will no longer need to worry about seeing the water bill the month after the kids decide that a homemade swimming hole is just what the back yard needed while mommy was meditating.  But I digress, it is not all about the money, it is about finding ten minutes of bliss when needed.

All kidding aside, it is not unusual that mom’s struggle to find time to do some of our most mundane, every day tasks, like showering, without a knock on the door with a perceived emergency.

Some moms have found that they can snare a little time in the morning.  I am NOT a morning person.  Not to mention, two of my littles often compete to see what it is like to be up before the sun…that is an unfortunate truth in my house.  Yet, trying to zen at 10pm just doesn’t seem right either.

The truth…My health, my sanity, and my focus depend on meditation!!

So, until I can find the magic “I need attention now” vibe shut off button, it is up to me to find the time.  In the meantime, here are a few solid pieces of advice for getting your Zen in places you might not have thought about.

  • Waiting for kids in the car, use something like Buddhify (http://buddhify.com/).  No, I don’t work there and I don’t get a kickback, they just have a rock solid mobile way to find your Zen even if you only have a minute or two.
  • Before you leave your room.  Realize that the war zone is outside that door.  That struggle between your time and their needs only happens once you open the door.  So take a few moments to yourself and mediate on your intentions for the day.
  • Set your intentions and just do it.  If your kids are old enough, it is perfectly OK to let them know you would like 20 minutes of undisturbed time and only SERIOUS emergencies should cause an interruption from them.  No, your kiddos do not understand closed eyes and lack of movement as a a queue to leave you alone, to them it is rather alarming and requires poking to ensure you are still operational and planning on making dinner.  BE CLEAR WHAT YOU NEED, and most importantly TAKE IT.
  • If you are blessed enough to have another person in your life that shares the journey of parenthood, capitalize on it.  Grocery shopping time does not classify as alone time!  Enlist your partner in your journey.  Impress upon them the importance of meditation in your life so they can help make it happen.

Remember, you are not alone in your journey and sometimes solving the problem requires enlisting those very vessels of unintentional interruptions.  Better yet, teach them the benefits of meditation and make it something you incorporate into your daily routine.

In the end, be at peace with the imperfection and deep dive into the blissful times that you are afforded, especially that platinum silence of uninterrupted time.


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