Squirrel Zen

So my teenage son just asked what I was doing, and without thinking I told him I was writing an article about Squirrel Zen. I wish I had a camera to capture the look that darted across his face.
On to the story… I was watching a young squirrel play in the background and I started thinking about attention span.  Of course that leap didn’t happen in a vacuum, I was also looking online for the perfect Father’s Day gift and came across a squirrel disguise right at that very moment.

Look a squirrel! —————————————————————————–>

Treasure Your Squirrel-A-Holic

Think of the most optimistic person you know and you are probably thinking of an influencer.  This person fears above all else social rejection, but loves to be the life of the party.

I wanted to take a moment to talk about the influencer as they are most often mistaken for someone with a short attention span.

Here are 5 things that you need to know about the influencers in your life.

  1. Fast Paced!  They like things to change up a lot in the day.  Their attention will drift in really long meetings unless there are lot of topics and exciting exchanges of ideas.  What this means for your team… They will also bring the change in the meetings, interjecting creative solutions.
  2. Non-Linear! While they are thinking about the end and the few parts in the middle that will get them to the goal, the person trying to nail down step one with the influencer might as well try to nail Jell-o to the wall!  What this means for your team… These are the dreamers.  They see the big picture and since they typically communicate very well they will be able to spin that vision to others.
  3. Optimistic!  The influencer will wait to the bitter end to throw in the towel and even then someone else will have to throw it in for them.  What this means for your team…  If you have ever read the story “Three Feet From Gold” then you will know that in the end the optimist will make that three extra feet to the finale!
  4. Persuasive!  The influencer is very powerful with their words and presence, they will negotiate, cajole, and energize those around them.  What this means for your team…  The influencer is your sales person, they will take an idea, make it theirs, and get others to follow along.
  5. Flattery!  With an influencer the old adage, “Flattery will get you every thing.” is indeed held true.  What this means for your team…  Giving the influencer the proper public acknowledgment will mean that they will continue to be focused on the success of the team.

Now the truth has to be told.  I have a *tad* bit of influencer in my character.  I began this post over two years ago.  At that time, the teenager mentioned still lived here.  Probably the biggest lesson of this entire article and the bonus:

Freezes!  The influencer will freeze, forget, and move on when there is something that they cannot figure out.  In this case the article was originally calling out ten things you need to know… When I reached four, my fingers stopped typing and I didn’t look back (that is until now).  What that means for your team… When you see that an influencer is stuck in a loop and not achieving the results that are needed, typically it is an infusion of creativity that will get them moving and shaking again.  Don’t give up on such a valuable asset just because they get stuck in the muck!

May you find that all the Zen you need in a world where we have Squirrel-a-Holics (or more lovingly referred to as the influencers in your world).




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