5 Ways to Grab Joy Today



Daily Kata

What do you choose to practice everyday? Success is created one small practice at time. I find to engage my joy fully I need to be showing up in a daily way. I thought I would take a moment to write about the five things I do every day to consciously orchestrate joy.

  1. Get up and move — Sometimes a walk, sometimes more, but the body was made to move. There is so much science out there about oxygenating your brain or burning off last night’s pizza. In the end, it comes down to finding happiness in however your body articulates. I know for me there are days when the only movement I get for hours is adjusting my chair, but those are not the good days.  I find that when I am stuck on a solution, or just a bit sleepy after lunch, the best remedy is to get up, even if that means to the whiteboard for a furious brainstorming session.  I recently came across a pattern of movement that is so beneficial.  Their mantra is “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”  It is called Original Strength, check them out, take ten minutes out of every day and regain the strength you were born with.
  2. Learn Something New — Just like our bodies were made to move, our brains were made to think.  Learning is such a fundamental part of being human.  Maybe you will find a new hobby!  This could be as easy as learning a new word, in your own language or bonus points for one that is not your native language.  Knowledge is never wasted, it never expires, and it makes sure you can always kick ass in trivia challenges.
  3. Help Someone to Laugh — A good belly laugh does everyone good.  To find a true expression of joy, find something that not only makes you laugh, but also the person you are with.  Do something silly that will imbue joy into the day.  There is always room for a good giggle and sometimes being the reason someone giggles brings just a wee bit of extra joy your way.
  4. Try It — I don’t presume to know what IT is for you, but try IT!!  There is something you have been thinking about, something that you are unsure about, something that you want to do, but you’re not too sure about…NOW…DO IT NOW!!  Time is something that moves whether you are paying attention or not, there is no time like the now.  Get out there and do the things that you want to do, try the new foods, explore your neighborhood.  Doing is definitely a way to find joy.  Only through exploration can we unlock the hidden gems that are waiting for us.  This journey only happens once, so make it a good trip!
  5. Meditate — You don’t have to go all woo-woo, but seriously taking some time out of your day to close your eyes, breath deep into your gut, and let your mind go wild is all it takes to get a little euphoria.  Getting a little extra oxygen certainly plays a major part in helping your brain move about freely!!  Who said meditation has to be about a quite brain!  Maybe for you meditation is about expressing what you are normally shoving to the back of your thoughts.  Letting those thoughts dance and play is definitely a way to find joy.

Bonus…life is too short for cheap yarn.

This amazing picture was taken by Bonbon on Flickr, to see more of his amazing work click here.

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