Shoe String Marketing Budget

When your accountant calls to tell you that, “You have no money.” It is time to get creative, especially with marketing.  Yet, when you need creativity, that is when you get a complete block. Time to turn to the professionals on the TPE blog there was a recent post that lists 118 ways to break […]

Speak the Same Language – Referral!

Recently I was reading a new post on Hazel M. Walker’s blog, Three Things Men Do Better Than Women When Networking, and it sparked some thoughts. When it comes to connecting during a business networking event there are two types of connectors, the relater and the director. The relater is not looking to define a business deal right […]

In Search of Gold

Most quests for success have an expected pot of gold at the end of the search. We strive to find the gold, often forgetting to see the gold that we already have in our lives. Today’s Key to Success is to look at the gold that surrounds you right now. What is in your life […]

Kanji Madness!!!

This week I showed ふみせんせい(Fumi Sensei), a link about the difference between the meaning of Kanji and how the same kanji means completely different things in Japan and China.  What was even more amuzing was the video in the post by Koichi san of Tofugu. Thank you Koichi san for bringing the article to life […]

What’s in a name?

Learning a second language can be difficult, but the key to success lies in how much fun you are having with it.  When I was taking my Japanese II final I called ふみせんせい (Fumi Sensei) a pool.  Now my intent was to ask how often she swam in a pool, but rather I asked her […]