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5 Ways to Grab Joy Today

  Daily Kata What do you choose to practice everyday? Success is created one small practice at time. I find to engage my joy fully I need to be showing up in a daily way. I thought I would take a moment to write about the five things I do every day to consciously orchestrate […]

45 Seconds of Zen

When you have only 45 seconds to get your Zen on, can you do it? Today, I was trying in vain to go through a guided meditation.  It started out so innocently as just wanting a few moments to re-center and focus.  The babbling brook fountain was actively creating the right environment, so I surveyed […]

I’m Not Dead Yet

THEN… When it all started to go wrong is the day I decided that I did not look beautiful anymore. Never mind the fact that I had given birth to four wonderful children, two of them being a set of twins. Never mind the fact that I was still in my prime. Never mind the […]

Vulnerability the Root of All Evil?

There are many societies around the world where showing vulnerability demonstrates that you are weak.  In this TED talk a Brene Brown,”Researcher Storyteller”, unlocks what makes us joyous, fulfilled, and happy.   She has a rich vocabulary and tremendous capacity to illustrate her words, leaving you with a sense of deep understanding in the human […]


Life is rooted in vulnerability.  Strength comes from realizing that vulnerability is a necessity that drives a person to connect to another person.   In the beginning, people think vulnerability will make you weak, but it does the opposite. It shows you’re strong enough to care. -Victoria Pratt

Hard Day in Kindergarten?

Every once in a while a kindergartner will come home a little down.  Yes, the poor thing had a bad day at school.  So in Japan one way that might be fixed is by breaking into the six pack of winter beer for children!  Too funny!! The end of the commercial says、 こどもの のみもの winter スンガリア […]