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Mama, may I, pretty please?!?!?!

Can I versus May I? As a family we have revisited this lesson many times, and today I just thought that I would share it here as well.  In business, and in life, it is always better to be clear about what you need.   CAN I / CAN YOU – Yes it is a valid […]

Origin Stories

According to Wikipedia: People have an innate need to explain their surroundings and events.  Think of all major scientific discoveries, marinated in years of observation, stories, and testing of stories to see what holds true. Wikipedia also describes the origin story as: We all have our origin stories.  It is our experiences that culminate into […]

Stop and Smell the Flowers

There are many variants of the quote, “Stop and smell the flowers”. Interestingly it is a misquote of advice from the golfer Walter Hagen that appeared in the 1956 book “TheWalter Hagen Story”. The original quote from the book was: You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. And be sure to smell the […]


  To dream big, does not make that dream a reality; however, never let reality of any moment destroy your dream.  No matter how great the fear is, no matter how obvious the choice may be, follow your dream and you will find that perseverance pays well. Reality can destroy the dream; why shouldn’t the dream destroy reality? – George […]

Evolution of Sushi

I asked ふみせんせい (Fumi-sensei) about sushi on Christmas Eve, while she was visiting. Mainly because I know here in America we tend to take perfectly good ethnic foods and change them beyond recognition. First, sushi is not a food meant for everyday. In Japan sushi is for celebrations and special days, like a birthday. Sushi is […]