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Not a Typed Language

Recently I have gone down the rabbit hole into the land of Python.  While I am dizzy with all the pythonic wiz bangs flying by I am left with a puzzle.  As I studied the language, it was made abundantly clear that Python is a strong, dynamically typed language.  In other words, Python will determine […]

5 Ways to Grab Joy Today

  Daily Kata What do you choose to practice everyday? Success is created one small practice at time. I find to engage my joy fully I need to be showing up in a daily way. I thought I would take a moment to write about the five things I do every day to consciously orchestrate […]

Three Essential Guidelines Before You Resolve

The Year of the Monkey is upon us, welcome 2016!!  In Japanese a monkey is a saru (さる), and in the zodiac the monkey sign is known as the erratic genius of the bunch.  So hold on to your hats 2016 is going to be a wild ride with the monkeys in charge. Resolutions.  Do you buy in, or […]

Saying NO!

Saying no can be very easy when it is something you don’t want.  But what about those times when you really want something and you have to say no? We have all experienced the dreaded DELAYED GRATIFICATION. Today, I really paused when I had to give up something right now that I really want.  It […]

Is it just mindset?

Recently a Facebook friend posted the following status update: As I browsed the comments that were starting to light up the post, it lit up something in me. Many answers were at most a sentence long.  As if a person’s journey could be condensed into so few words.  There were words like mindset, attitude, passion, […]

Behavior Modification – Not Just for Kids

Often we talk about behavior in children and how to adjust their behavior to our societal expectations.  Behavior is simply the display seen by others that is a reflection of our personality, which in the end determines our natural responses to situations. Behavior modification is not just for kids! Here are some terms that you […]