What is Success Kata?

To understand the purpose of Success Kata the first step is to understand what the individual words mean, followed by what they mean when used together.

The word kata is a Japanese term meaning mold, model, style, shape or form.  Kata are used in many traditional Japanese arts such as theater forms (かぶき, kabuki), tea ceremonies (ちゃどう, chadou), as well as is the practice of martial arts (ぶどう, budou).

A kata can refer to any basic form, routine, or pattern of behavior that is practiced to various levels of mastery.In Japanese language, kata is a used word meaning “way of doing things,” with emphasis on the form and order of the process.

The kanji character for kata is composed of three characters. The one in the upper left means “shape.” The one in the upper right means “cut.” The bottom character means “ground.” A kata is a shape that cuts the ground.

Now on to the more complicated concept of success and what it means in the Japanese culture.

If you look to the left, you will see two kanji characters.  Those two characters form the word せいこう, roman lettering would be ‘seikou’.

The top kanji is “sei” and the one down below is “kou.”

“Sei” means “to grow” or “to reach,” while “kou” means “merit” or “accumulated experience.”  This is significant – it will help you understand why “success” in a Japanese context is more than just reaching a tangible goal.

Look closer; can you see that the character on the bottom, “kou,” is made up of two parts, left and right?  The one on the left, which looks like an “H” that’s been fell over, means “worker.”  The part on the right, means “power” or “strength.”

In other words, success is all about “growing to achieve merit with strength and hard work.”  Emphasis on “merit” and “growth.”

Success to the Japanese has more to do with the process than any end result, so striving to achieve is more worthy than the result itself!

In the end, putting together the word Success and Kata is all about creating a pattern of behavior to produce growth and achieve merits through strength and hard work.

Success Kata will bring you the tools that you can apply in your life and your business to create a journey and a pattern of behavior of striving to achieve.  As a personal journey, the practice I take to find success in learning a second language and culture will also be here through lighthearted examples.