Who Is Jen?

Jennifer Kettlewell

A Hint of Background

Jen Kettlewell is the the philosopher and scholar behind Success Kata.  She has coached and mentored business owners from all over the world.  Jen started her career as a computer programmer, and from there became a coach and  Executive Director of BNI in beautiful Western Colorado.

A move to Austin, Texas prompted evaluating what makes people tick, delving deeper into communication, and acknowledging that our differences fuel our success.   When she speaks a room comes alive.  Jen has a way of training that captivates, motivates, and inspires an audience to realizing their greater potential.  

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Colorado Technical University and Masters in Business Administration from Colorado Mesa University.

Muppets Fan?

greenJen definitely is!

In 1970 Joe Raposo wrote the song “Bein’ Green” which was performed by Jim Henson as Kermit the Frog.  The most famous line out of that song is, “It’s not easy bein’ green.” In general that song is a celebration of identity, individuality, self-love, and diversity, which is exactly what our lives should be about.

In general everyone should have guiding principals.  Below you fill find the 10 Guiding Principals that Jen lives by, and might even see a little bit of a connection to “Bein’ Green”!

10 Guiding Principles

  1. Invest in Myself – I am worth it! I can only grow as far as I am ready to invest in me.  This investment comes in the forms of time, energy, and money.
  2. Seek to Understand – The only thing I control is my reaction.  I seek to understand my reaction rather than the motives of those around me which is the greatest form of compassion.
  3. Lasting Impact on My World – The world I touch is a the world that I have the power to effect change.  I strive to love deeply and to Be the Change I want to See.
  4. Intuition is Real – I know what I need, I know the direction and path I need to be on based on how in tune I am with my guiding purpose.  I listen to the quite voice inside that warns me when I am off purpose.
  5. Own My Power – I am me and I am mighty!!  We all have a purpose and a special power.  Owning what makes me special keeps me living on purpose!
  6. Say What I Mean – Clarity only comes when I know what I need and want to see.  Once I am clear I can articulate to the world what I mean in all that I do and say.  To speak in the language of the heart I must be brave.
  7. Be Kind to Myself – I am usually my own worst critic.  By being kind to myself and give myself permission to immerse completely in the life that makes my dreams into reality dream.
  8. Live in the Present – Make goals for the future, knowing that the only way to reach a goal is to do the work in the present. Honor the past as what made me unique today acknowledging that it does nothing but hold still.
  9. Reward Deeply – I am not on this journey alone, take time to deeply acknowledge the greatness of those on the journey with me, living in the deepest form of gratitude.
  10. Be My Own Brand of Awesome! Not everyone is going to “get me” and that is just as it should be.

Enjoy the Show

Success Kata is here to inspire and give a window into how to implement the ten guiding principles in your daily life.  In the end, we all strive for the best us that we can be throw in a little humor and we have this funny thing called life.


Published Author:

Peer reviewed paper Technology Use in Grand Junction presented at the 2011 Mountain Plains Management Conference


Guest Lecturer at Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce, Fruita Chamber of Commerce, Palisade Chamber of Commerce, Delta Chamber of Commerce, Bank of America, Keller Williams, Mesa County Women’s Network, Colorado Housing Authority and Financial Authority (CHFA), The Blue Pig Art Gallery, Art Space